Impress your clients, colleagues, and friends with smart accoutrements that enhance every-day items.

Beauty accessories

Pamper yourself with hand-crafted stylish yet serviceable beauty accessories. We offer a selection of attractive hand mirrors, hair brushes, combs, and compact mirrors fashioned from solid Hawaiian hardwood. Select from curly koa, traditional koa, milo, kamani, silky oak, or ‘ōhai. Each one is adorned with a piece of individually selected and hand-cut Hawaiian mother-of-pearl. 

Private Collection

The understated elegance of each unique piece in our private collection makes it an enduring treasure to be passed on to future generations.


All our products are hand-crafted in Hawaiʻi.  We meticulously select the wood and individually fashion each piece: no two creations are identical. The signature mother-of-pearl adornments incorporated into every piece are individually cut. They originate from carefully selected shells collected from Hawaiʻi’s beaches.